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“Who are you again?”

I’m glad you asked. I’m Justin A. Burnett, editor, sober psychonaut, and writer who tends to dabble in multiple genres but primarily operates in what may loosely be called “weird fiction.” I’m also the creator and editor of Silent Motorist Media, a micropress and amorphous weird fiction promotional entity that tends to veer off into sporadic topical tangents ranging from music to film to books and more. It occurred to me recently that I don’t really have a place to catalogue my own work for potential readers, or to veer off track as far as I’d like into more “me” territory that wouldn’t really fit on Silent Motorist Media without making the whole endeavor just really overbearing. So here we are. Home?

spherical grotesquerie of the week

Things I believe: The subject is actually a multitude under a façade of unity, a void filled with eyes.

“SO you said you were a writer…”

Word. And some of that writing’s even published. My debut micro-collection of fiction, Esoteric Sausage and Other Malformations, was released in 2018. You can find it here. It’s just a fun little collection of my experiments in fiction from about 2015-18. Here’s what some people have said about it:

“Burnett packs repeated, frantic nut-punches throughout these tales of apocalypse, insanity, and hysterical, noxious death. ESOTERIC SAUSAGE is a fine addition to the modern wave of bizarro-weird.”
-Philip Fracassi, author of BEHOLD THE VOID

“Delightfully devilish. From product recalls gone wrong, to psychoanalyst’s nightmares and otherworldly westerns, Burnett’s collection is a delight. He dashes, moment to moment, from laughter to terror and back again, dancing between genre and tone in an intelligent and skillful way that drags the reader screaming along wherever the darkness takes him.”
-Michael Allen Rose, author of EMBRY: HARD BOILED and PARTY WOLVES IN MY SKULL

“This collection builds a castle of anxiety out of exquisite language and dread-inducing imagery. Burnett is a name to commit to memory, a name that will no doubt appear in your worst nightmares and weirdest fantasies.”


Right, so I wrote a novel too. This was also released in 2018. I published it myself, and I don’t really regret doing so. It’s called The Last Drug Trial on Earth and you can find it available in ebook format here. Despite the two long years it took to write, I’ve never mustered much pride for this dystopian, heavily Bret Easton Ellis-influenced, ultimately juvenile effort of mine. According to the reviews, however, readers seem to be enjoying it, and that’s as good a reason as any to keep it available. C.M. Muller describes it as “sort of a cross between Repo Man, Black Mirror, and an Atari video game. Intelligent, satirical, darkly humorous, and, above all, highly entertaining.”

It’s true that my fiction work has appeared in various anthologies. You can find my Amazon author page here if you’re interested in tracking those down, or you can wait until my next collection (release date and press unknown), which will compile the best of these works.

Truly, nonfiction is my pride and joy. I have three essays that should be releasing soon that I’ll announce when the time’s right: one’s about black holes, Bataille, and cosmic horror; one traces the thematic development of the labyrinth from gothic fiction through folk horror; the third is a heavily Ligottian piece entitled “The Puppet King,” about which I’ll leave the rest to the imagination for now: upcoming, an essay about the function of vision in depictions of the void–preliminary title: “The Gaze from Nowhere.”

Otherwise, I’m always writing for Silent Motorist Media. Here are a few of my latest “Classics Reviews”:

Incredible Adventures by Algernon Blackwood

Teatro Grottesco by Thomas Ligotti

The House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson

Kwaidan by Lafcadio Hearn

silenced motorist

You have entered the globe of the beautiful ones and come to the light of the stream of water. Climb around, and see the sorrow of the world.” (An oulipo (mis)translation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 1)

Things I Believe:

That the subject has access to a synchronistic aspect of reality, or is an aspect of that synchronism itself. 

That the synchronistic aspect of reality is essentially resistant to methods of quantification (as is the self). This resistance arises from its very nature; it is not willful, but a passive property that lies beyond methods of quantification.

Thank you for the visit

I like to imagine that I’ll post more here along the way, perhaps even in a more manageable formant. The axis shared by horror and ecstasy, rationality and madness, the profane and the divine, will always be there. It is along this continuum which I continue to think and write, a toxic exuberance spilled by forgotten muses blinded by the fierce light of darkness. There are no choices; I am compelled forward.

“for is the dread of the universe not the same as the dread of the machine writ large?” Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh

“I CAN’T GO ON. I’LL GO ON.” -Samuel Beckett